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Muscle massage gun with vibration and 3300 percussions per minute. Made of carbon fiber. Lighter and more resistant. /strong> 

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-Adjustable Intensity
The PRO ELITE gun can reach a depth of 14 mm with a speed of 3300 RPM. It is used both at professional and domestic level.

It has 30 adjustable speeds to graduate the level of massage depending on the intensity sought and the area to be treated. LCD touch screen to regulate the intensity.

-Low intensity from 1 to 15: A low intensity is intended to increase blood circulation and relax muscles. It is recommended mainly for use with the round head and can be applied on the whole body except for soft and bony tissues. The use of other harder heads should be applied with caution and is not recommended for the elderly or children.

-Medium-high intensity. 15-30: High intensity is intended to penetrate tissue and release fasciae. Recommended for large muscle bundles and athletes. From this frequency it is advisable to always start with the round head, and in case of using other more incisive and hard ones, it is recommended to start with low frequencies and graduate the intensity little by little. Do not use high intensity near soft tissues or bones.

-8 Interchangeable Heads:The PRO ELITE model includes 8 interchangeable pieces that allow reaching all parts of the body and freeing deep tissues and fascia. It is important to always start with the round head and with low frequency in order to be sensitized to the force of the gun.

-Air Free System - Continuous Ventilation: Thanks to a continuous cooling system, the PRO ELITE model does not heat up and allows a better performance and duration of use.

-Ultra-quiet. Quiet-Glide Technology: The PRO ELITE model has built-in 45-decibel quiet-glide technology and can be used comfortably in any environment without disturbing, such as in the office or at home. It is recommended for people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. You can apply a light massage on legs, shoulders and trapezius to relieve stress.

-Long lasting 2700 mAh battery: Estimated usage time is more than 6 hours using continuously.

-Easy to carry in an ergonomic case:The case allows you to carry the gun, its charger and heads in a comfortable and practical way.
The muscle massage gun is light and easy to use, it helps you to relieve stiffness and tensions produced by daily stress, it also improves and accelerates muscle recovery for before or after training.
Thanks to the 12V/2700mAh lithium-ion battery, it powers the massage gun for up to 6-8 hours per charge.
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Non-slip and waterproof handle made of carbon fiber.
Replacement heads for different body parts.
8 different massage forms
30 Speeds in 30W motor for 3300 revolutions per minute in a low noise motor of only 42-50 DB
Rechargeable lithium battery 2700 mAh
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